Create Professional 3D Text in Cinema 4D

This Professional 3D Text Setup with Studio lights lets you easily create 3Dimensional Text in Cinema 4D all by yourself.

You can Fully Customize:

In the Project included are 3 Studio Lights and 1 Fully custom Softbox. Theese Professional lights give you an edge over traditional renders. You will achieve a much more realistic look.

What you get:

  • Professionally lit Text Preset
  • BONUS: 3 Professional Studio Lights
  • BONUS: 1 Pro Softbox
  • Materials
  • Render Setup

Special Price:




Get it here!


More of my Presets:

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    2 realistic Gold Materials (C4D R16)
    Professionally Lit Text Preset 2 | Long shadow


Don’t own Cinema 4D?

Hit me up with the form below and i can render your imagery for you.

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