Todays Byzantium hardfork went smoothly! Exactly at Block Number 4370000, The changes proposed in ethereum improvement protocols (EIPs) where applied.

These include:

  • Lower difficulty – decreased by 40%(EIP 100) leads to shorter Block times: ~20 seconds(before almost 30)



  • Delay of the ice age/difficulty bomb by 1 year, and reduction of block reward from 5 to 3 ether (EIP 649)



Over the last few days, Byzantium ethereum software was continuously retracted because of critical bugs found in the code. Developers pushed out corrections just in time – but not without seriously considering postponing the fork.

According to Ether Nodes, nodes running faulty software are currently 67.3% Geth and 33.4% Parity, the two main ethereum clients. The faulty software could cause a consensus issue, leading the network to partition, or even expose the platform to DoS attacks.

Currently, there is no sign of a minority fork according to current fork logs. Ethereum developers are celebrating the transition on social media.


Get the Latest Geth Client here 

Get the Latest Parity Client here


Are you prepared for the upcoming Bitcoin Hardfork Segwit2x? Read about it here.

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