As promised the fork occurred on October 25th.

Most users probably noticed no change, which is a good thing.

Users that have access to their private keys can claim BTG at supported services. If you had any amount of bitcoin in your wallet during the fork you now own the same amount in BTG.

Bitcoin Gold started trading today with a price of 500$ on some exchanges but quickly dropping below 200$ on most sites.

It currently fluctuates between 100$ – 190$ on most exchanges. On YoBit its still over 220$.

As mentioned in the Warning released, mobile users should still avoid making transactions at the current time since this could cause double spends.

This means you could accidentally spend not only the BTG but also the Bitcoin you would want to keep. This is because most mobile wallets blindly follow the longest chain – which there are two of now.

Where can I Sell / Buy Bitcoin Gold?

Some popular exchanges have already started trading, highest volume is on these:

Can I mine Bitcoin Gold with my GPU now?

Yes, you can!

There are about 4 mining pools currently supporting BTG mining.

A popular mining site amongst beginners, is very soon supporting BTG mining. This is by far the easiest way to start mining.

The next Hardfork, Segwit2x should occur on November 17th – all you need to know here.

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