About Us

This Webblog is still under Construction.

This is Support-me by Lawlez. This webblog focuses on following topics:

  • Graphicdesign
  • IT Ops
  • Motiongraphics
  • Computers/Hardware
  • Troubleshooting

Lawlez started creating 3D visualizations in late 2011 using Maxon Cinema 4D. Over the years i have trained myself using online tutorials and courses. Never stop learning. Now in 2016 I woul like to start teaching others.

In 2012 i Started studying for the swiss “EFZ” degree in Computer sience: Application Development. I reached that goal in summer 2016.

My favorite topics in the world of IT are:

  • Webdevelopment
  • Social Engineering
  • Internet & Web security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Computer Hardware
  • SEO & Internetmarketing

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    Professionally lit Text Preset | Includes studio lights
    2 realistic Gold Materials (C4D R16)
    Professionally Lit Text Preset 2 | Long shadow